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  • Complete payroll and book-keeping solution
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  • Outsourcing payroll and its related compliance is the most effective and reliable method for any business
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Payroll Services

  • Calculation of salaries and wages (including any supplementary payments or deductions).
  • Payment of S.S.P, S.M.P, S.P.P. & S.A.P. etc.
  • Administration of NHS Pension Scheme
  • Production of comprehensive reports and payslips.
  • Net Payment analysis.
  • Payslips can be emailed to individual Employee on the pay day.
  • All HM Revenue & Customs enquiries undertaken.
  • Maintenance of monthly payment booklet of Tax and N.I.
  • E-filing of End of Year Return forms (P14 and P35).
  • All payroll prints can be sent in PDF format via e-mail if required.